Do you know REVVER? Previously explained on this blog, as a teenage fun cocktail, you are probably aware now that diet coke + mentos candy create explosive shots like the dancing bellagio water show in Las Vegas.

Now listen, 2 guys managed to transform this cocktail into a CASH IN machine and managed to get more than 30,000 USD Ad revenues during the first week! They have generated several million of views. This is not uncommon for YouTube, but it's a record for, a video-serving company that splits ad revenue 50/50 with its creators; which means 15,000 USD for Revver.

An interesting part of the story is that the advertising budget of mentos for the year is less than 20 millions USD. Mentos estimates the value of this viral video to be over 10 millions USD. Moreover the guys are gonna be hired for an affical ad concept.

Also, an easy-to-use tool exists to monetize videos on the web and get paid back. Damn, they had a good idea, aren't you a little bit jealous?