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Monday 28 August 2006

Free citywide WiFi in Mountain View, Silicon Valley

Google launched a WiFi network in their hometown of Mountain View. Radios hanging on lampposts throughout the city are now broadcasting a "GoogleWiFi" wireless (802.11b/g) signal that brings wireless Internet access to the city's residents, businesses, and visitors. All anyone needs is a laptop or other wireless-enabled device and a web browser to get online. Then Mountain View users can select the "GoogleWiFi" signal, open their web browser and sign in with a free Google Account.

Paris - France is on the point to get its own Wifi network in the 2d district (arrondissement) of Paris. This project ready to launch in September/October is called Quartier Numerique. It means numeric district and is a will to put Paris on a top level wifi's city in the world. It will be a super high flow network provided by optic fiber that will allow residents and companies to connect at 100 Mbits/s. More info soon on the subject.

Wednesday 16 August 2006

Wifi Story in Paris

The internet connection i have at home is now broken for a couple of days, which unfortunately obliged me to go outside, not for shopping either running or just bohème at a parisian coffee. Imagine that I had to go out to in order to find a wifi cofee to be able to post this. Not so easy in Paris specially in August to find a free wifi connection. So Thanks to Starbuck's which provides wifi connection to its customers. Good coffee smell, no tabacco, you just have to spend money on a lacte combo powder whatever coffee and be able to listen shalow elevator music (no comment on that)

It reminds me that without the web, we are so far away from emails, networking, informations and posting possibility. It reminds me that the project of QUARTIER NUMERIQUE IN PARIS, is a première in Paris and that it will allow people to have free access to the internet in the whole 2eme arrondissement de Paris. This project, ready to launch in October is supported by Erenis, Fon and the Silicon Sentier. It's a great initiative and I hope people will realize how important the web is and that without it, the numeric gasp is violent (specially when you are used to use the web) I think that we all are looking forward to have this free innovation access to high techno in Paris.

Wednesday 12 July 2006

Google's Offices in Paris

Si vous voulez savoir à quoi ressemblent les bureaux de Google à Paris, suivez le guide du net Aux couleurs de la marque, les bureaux sont subdivisés en open space, colorés, friendly et en plein coeur de Paris, dans le 2 ème arrondissement, comme vous le savez déjà, le futur Quartier Numérique de Paris.