Some YouTube's content is coming to mobile phones on Verizon Wireless phones (Vcast service) The mobile-phone debut of YouTube is right since “Everybody carries a phone with them, but they may not have a computer,? said Steve Chen, chief technology officer and a co-founder of YouTube. People can “take the phone out of their pocket while waiting for the bus? and watch a video, he added.

Verizon Wireless and YouTube said the service would be available early next month. Verizon would have the exclusive rights to distribute YouTube videos on mobile phones “for a limited period of time.? “We’ll select content that has the broadest appeal and the highest entertainment value.

Now a UK study says that some 43% of Britons who watch video from the internet or on a mobile device at least once a week said they watched less normal TV as a result. And online and mobile viewing is rising. But online video viewers are still in the minority, with just 9% of the population saying they do it regularly. Another 13% said they watched occasionally, while a further 10% said they expected to start in the coming year.

The success of sites such as YouTube over the past year has helped open the door for those who want easy ways to find, watch and share videos over the internet. In the survey, one in five people who watched online or mobile video at least once a week said they watched a lot less TV as a result. Another 23% said they watched a bit less, while just over half said their TV viewing was unchanged. Some 3% said online video inspired them to watch more TV.