Robert Scoble moves from Microsoft to Robert Scoble says it wasn’t a defection. We all know the code words: “left to pursue other opportunities.? But in the truest sense of those words, Robert says he leaves Microsoft because his work there was done and he comes to PodTech to participate in a nascent industry that promises to go nova. IP-based digital media is more than–and will be more than–just a delivery mechanism. Think about it… what more can one do with terrestrial signals? The radio industry has eked out some extra functionality by giving existing in-band broadcasters digital rights to multiple channels. Great. More Top-40. But IP-delivered audio and video is just at the beginning of their development. Applications for text have transformed PCs from being digital typewriters into awesome tools. Imagine what app developers are going to do to audio and video, especially as it goes wireless. That’s Scoble’s world.